Introducing the SEBO DART1 Upright Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Designed for ease of use, the SEBO DART1 ensures exceptional maneuverability, allowing it to effortlessly clean even tight spaces. Equipped with a SEBO ET-1 power head, it delivers maximum cleaning power, effectively tackling dirt and debris on any surface.

Versatility is key with the SEBO DART1.

It can be converted into a floor polisher or suction vacuum cleaner with optional floor heads, adapting to various cleaning needs.

With its 31cm brush width, the SEBO DART1 is perfect for small to medium-sized areas, delivering superb cleaning results quickly and economically. Its synthetic and textile material combination not only ensures superior performance but also adds a touch of prestige to its appearance.

The electric power head SEBO ET comes in two working widths, allowing you to clean commercial areas thoroughly. Plus, its 3-step S-class filtration system ensures the removal of even the smallest dust particles, making it an ideal choice for customers with allergies and asthma.

Experience the SEBO DART1 difference – agile, user-friendly, and delivering exceptional cleaning results every time.

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